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(Last updated 14/12/2011)

A recent addition to our standard alternator range the Alt19 is a version which has a foot print (mechanical installtion mounting) ideally suited for installation on Volvo Penta engines. The Alt19 marine alternator is rated as follows, 14 volts 110 Amps, with a 3″ pulley suitable for a 12mm drive belt. The new data can be found on our alternators page click here for quick access Alternators
The X-CISE has been added to our product portfolio and is the first in a range of Battery Voltage Protection units which will provide a means of switching off unwanted circuits if the battery voltage falls below predetermined limits. This prevents the battery being completely discharged and damaged. Various power relays and options are available if the standard unit not what you need contact our sales team with your requirements we may be able to provide a unit designed to your system needs.
Our Galvanic Isolator called the “X-PEL” rated at 32 Amps @ 230 volts.
We have added to our range of X-ACT voltage regulators the following models-: 15 Amp, 25 Amp @ 12 volt and 24 volt, plus a 50 Amp @ 12 volts. They are an ideal constant voltage regulator for those pieces of equipment that require a supply voltage that is free of voltage fluctuations.
To complete the installation of your products we are able to supply a range of heavy duty charging cables, copper tube crimps and fast acting current overload trips suitable for DC voltages and currents up to 100 Amps. The cables and crimps can be separate items or prepared cables crimped and ready to install.
A range of high performance 3 stage battery chargers called the “X-CALIBRE” are available to compliment the existing range of split charge and alternator charge controllers. This range enables us to supply a complete battery charging system tailored to meet most applications that exist.
A new range of high performance switched mode voltage converters called the “X-TRACT” are available. These units are primarily used for converting 24 volts to 12 volts and provide a means of using 12 volt leisure equipment on 24 volt powered vehicles. Other versions incorporating different input / output conversion voltages are available.