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(Last updated 14/12/2011)

Charging Equipment

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Alternator Charge Controllers.
& Intelligent Smart
Alternator Regulators.


High Performance + Low cost
Single Battery Bank Sensing


Ultra Low Loss
For 1 input and 2, 3 or 4 outputs
or 2 input and 2 outputs


High Power Low Loss
For 1 or 2 inputs
and 2 or 3 outputs

Total Battery Management
Control Systems

High Output Alternator + Multi-stage Alternator Charge Controller

Marine Alternators.
New updated web page

High Power Marine Alternators
35 -175Amps
12v & 24v options

High Output Alternators

High Output Alternators
35 – 200Amps +
12v, 24v, 48v options

Multi-Stage Battery Chargers
(New web page)

Multi-Stage Battery Chargers.
Available with multi outputs
(version dependent).

Welcome to the Home page of DRIFTGATE 2000 Ltd.“The Home of On Board & Mobile Charging and Power Systems”

When you purchase any two items from the X-Split, X-Port, X-Alt, X-Pel, X-Cise or X-Cell ranges you will receive a 10% discount. All these products are designed and manufactured in the UK at our factory in Cambridgeshire..

An improved low cost, (UK designed and manufactured) without any unecessary gimmicks, but high performance (microcontroller based the first of its kind) intelligent alternator charge controller sometimes called an alternator charge booster the X-ALT “Buccaneer” now in its 16th year is available. The changes resulting from customers feedback and requests for additional features now provides even more intelligence and the most requested features without any increase in price so why pay a lot more for the same functionality and performance.The latest update is to over come sensing problems occuring with ‘Cold Start’ start sequences.

The X-Split Ultra Low Loss Charge Splitter or Split Charger range has been updated with an improved performance using the latest advances in technology. The X-Split out performs all standard diode splitters even those with the latest Schottky power diodes. The X-SPLIT was the first of its kind in the world and for years the secret how it was achieved was kept behind closed doors now the technology used has now been widely copied. Now in 2011 some 19 years later more than 15200 units have been manufactured. For charging currents greater than 120A then our X-Port is available with similar charateristics. The X-Port is available with similar input/output configurations rated at 90A, 150A, & 200A and in some instances costs less than the equivalent X-Split.

We have expanded and added to our X-TRACT range of voltage converters. These converters have been designed and manufactured in Britain. The converters employ the latest switch mode technology to improve the efficiency of conversion. The range encompasses both 24 – 12 volt, 12 – 24 volt and 12 – 12 volt converters. Depending on the model some are isolated input – output and are available with various power levels.

Driftgate 2000 Ltd. announce that they have been appointed authorized distributors of the Prestolite Electric/Leece Neville range of alternators.

The first is a 14 volt 90A. Suitable as a high output replacement for Lucas/Magneti Marelli 55A/70A A127 style alternators. The second with a similar mounting style is a 24 volt 60A unit. Both alternators are insulated return and are fitted with an 80mm diameter pulley suitable for a 12mm drive belt as standard. Further information is on our “Alternator’s web page”

Available shortly a new very high output 12 volt alternator. Rated at 240A with a J180 type mounting. We hope to have full information on our Alternators web page shortly.

As 48 volt systems become more and more popular we can now supply 48volt @ 90Amp alternators, see our web page alternators for further information. At the present time they are not available ex-stock but we are working on it and hopefully will be able offer a short delivery time in the near future.

If you have a Nanni, Yanmar, Volvo or Vetus M4 engine and have charging problems or would like to change your existing alternator to increase the charging capability contact us we may be able to help. We have in our range of alternators the following; ALT2 14v @ 90A for Nanni and Volvo engines, ALT14 14v @ 110A for Yanmar & Vetus M4 engines, ALT19 14v @ 110A for Volvo, Alt17 14v @110A for Nanni engines and Alt16 (multifit) 14v @ 70A an ideal alternator to replace standard Lucas/Magneti Marelli A127 55A alternators with a higher output and at the same time retaining the same connections. These alternators can also be used on other engines where the original alternator has the same footprint or where the alternator is capable of being mechanically installed. These alternators coupled with our ultra low loss X-SPLIT provide one of the best alternator charging systems available and for even more performance add one of our X-ALT intelligent alternator charge controllers. For prices and more information on our range of alternators click on this link ‘ALTERNATORS PAGE’.

Contact Information

Postal address:
Driftgate 2000 Ltd.
27 Little End Rd.,
Eaton Socon,
St. Neots.
Cambs. PE 19 8JH
Telephone: +44 (0)1480-470400
Fax: +44(0)1480-470401

Electronic mail:-
For sales, marketing & application notes: [email protected]
For technical support: [email protected]

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Power EquipmentClicking on the “Photos” highlighted will take you to the products home page.

DC – AC Power Inverters


X-CellModified-Sinewave Output
12 volt & 24 volt input
110v & 240v output
versions available
High Performance Deep Cycle \ Leisure \ Service BatteriesBatteries unavailable at the moment
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Voltage RegulatorsX-ACT RANGE

X-Act24 volt & 12 volt
Voltage Regulators
Active Voltage ConverterX-TRACT RANGE

X-Tract24 volt – 12 volt
12 volt – 24 volt
48 volt – 12 volt

 Battery ProtectionX-CISE RANGE

X-CiseLow Battery Voltage
Cut Off Switch
Battery Protector

 Cathodic Protection

X-Pel Galvanic Isolator/Protector

 Anciliary Equipment
(New webpage)
Charging CablesCopper Tube Crimps.Battery Clamps.Current TripsFusesCharging Cables

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