(Last updated 28/05/2014)

The X-SPLIT now in its 22nd year is a range of multi option ULTRA LOW LOSS electronic devices which can be called by various names such as-: charge splitter, split charger or ultra low loss diode splitters (though they do not employ diodes) and are suitable for a voltage range 6 - 30 volts dc and a charging current up to 120 Amps (negative earth system only). For higher current versions (click here) for our X-PORT range. Suitable for most types of alternators, including battery sensed versions, normal battery chargers with or without an incorporated multi output facility, on - board auxiliary generators such as solar cell arrays, wind generators and towed generators etc. Due to the very low loss characteristics they are ideal for use with solar cells and wind generators where virtually all the developed power is transferred from charging source into the batteries. Over 16000 units have been sold world wide and when used with our X-ALT (click on the blue hyper link to view details) range of alternator regulator/charge controllers range the combination can provide what could be the most efficient split charge control system available any where in the world.

Key Benefits of the X-SPLIT

Over 16000 sold world wide.
Very easy to install.
3 year warranty return to factory.
Low voltage loss compared with diode splitters which can have a constant loss of 800 - 1000 mV {1 volt worst case} even at float current. The X-SPLIT has a maximum loss of less than 80 mV @ maximum current (for 90 Amp units), dropping to less than 15 mV at float current.
Perfect for use with solar panel systems as the losses are so small, virtually all the input power is transferred to the batteries.
Solid state electronics, no moving parts, no mechanical relay contacts to foul up.
Protected against oil and water ingress.
Brass terminals for low resistance and corrosion protection.
Can be connected in parallel or series with no problems.
Single unit suitable for 12 & 24 volt systems.
Complies with EN 50-082.
Suitable for all types of alternators including battery sensed versions.
Saves on fuel as the charging losses are minimal.
Visual indication that the charge source is operational.
No charge back feed unlike a relay system.
Makes the 1/2/both switch redundant no need to worry about "have I switched the switch to off" thus provides a fit and forget split charge system.
Integral battery sensed alternator protection fuse built in.

Versions Rating Inputs Outputs Prices
XSP90/1/2 90A 1 2 £136.00
XSP90/1/3 90A 1 3 £209.00
XSP90/1/4 90A 1 4 £235.00
XSP90/2/2 90A 2 2 £235.00
XSP120/1/2 120A 1 2 £162.00
XSP 120/1/3 120A 1 3 £230.00
*XSP 120/1/4 120A 1 4 £269.00
*XSP 120/2/2 120A 2 2 £280.00

Prices quoted are UK list and are exclusive of carriage and VAT.
Contact sales office for carriage charges.
Payment is accepted by most major credit / debit cards (excluding Diners Int & American Express.) for which there is an additional £3-50 administration charge.

Due to manufacturing techniques, the X-PORT represents a better buy for versions marked thus *.
For current ratings higher then 120 Amps see the (click here for quick access) 'X-PORT' range.


The standard units supplied are battery sensed which can be used on all types of charging sources. See installation section.
The rating of the X-SPLIT is dependent on the capability of the charging source, not the size of batteries.i.e. for a 70 Amp alternator feeding a 400 Amp/Hr battery bank a 90 Amp unit will be required.
When used in conjunction with battery sensed battery chargers some form of voltage feedback will be required.
We recommend that the X-SPLIT is used in conjunction with one our range of alternator regulator/boost/charge controllers the X-ALT 'Buccaneer', 'Skipper' or 'Captain'
We can advise the best method to split charge your battery banks if you have a non standard system.