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(Last updated 8/02/2014)

New Product Information Release

The all new FUEL PORTER HHO generator provides many features that will enhance the efficiency of engines that use hydrocarbon fuel.

If you have; whether it be in private ownership, part of a hire fleet or small to large organisation :-
a narrow boat, barge, yacht,or motor cruiser, whether it be on inland waterways or at sea,
Recreational Vehicle or Mobile Camper van,
Delivery van small or large,
Taxi, such as Mondeo car, or a multi seater mini bus or similar
Heavy goods vehicle or some other form of haulage vehicle,
Construction vehicle i.e. mechanical shovel, bull dozer etc
Small, medium or large coach/bus.
Diesel powered equipment such as an electric generator as used at fun fairs for long periods of time.
Agricutural vehicle such as a combined harvester.

and are interested in
improving fuel economy by a minimum of 10%.
generating more engine torque.
a quieter running engine.
increasing the time interval between oil changes and engine services.
being more environmentaly freindly by reducing harmful emissions.
and in certain instances reduce your vehicle excise duty costs (where aplicable) due to the lower emmisions

If your answer is yes or are intrigued by any of these points then click on the link FUEL PORTER LTD. and find more detailed information on the 'f-p' series of HHO generators.
Following the link does not cost any money but it could save you money and in this day and age with ever increasing cost's in fuel and engine servicing it may be worth the time and effort to learn more about this innovative money saving piece of equipment. The equipment has been developed and is being manufactured in the UK by FUEL PORTER Ltd. supporting British Industry.

An improved version of the low cost but high performance X-ALT "Buccaneer" alternator charge controller is available providing even more features for your money without any increase in price so why pay more for the same performance. These enhancements include;-
a] A new intelligent boost/bulk charge calculator has been added which modifies the boost/bulk charge routine depending on the initial charge state of selected sensed battery. Depending on the sensed battery charge state the boost/bulk cycle time and number of cycles is calaculated to obtain the most efficient boost/bulk charge program.
b] A new initialsation sequence to overcome problems with some types of igition switches if the power is interrupted during engine start procedures. The initial battery charge state is measured and saved and is then used to calculate the correct charge routine when the engine has started enabling correct charge operation.
c] The ramp time has been increased, this gives a slower ramp speed further reducing the strain on the drive belt. This is a feature requested by our customers.
d] If boost/bulk charging is required because the sensed battery is discharged the "Buccaneer" will initiate a low level charge rate for a short period of time to enable the engine to stabilise after initial starting before switching to ramp to boost/bulk charge voltage. This is another feature requested by our customers.
e] A 3 stage charge equalisation routine has been added after main the boost/bulk charge routine has been completed.

The X-Split Ultra Low Loss Charge Splitter or Split Charger range has been updated with an improved performance using the latest advances in technology. The X-Split out performs all standard diode splitters even those with the latest Schottky power diodes. The X-SPLIT was the first of its kind in the world and for years the secret how it was achieved was kept behind closed doors, now the technology used has now been widely copied. Now in 2014 some 22 years later more than 16000 units have been manufactured. For charging currents greater than 120A our X-Port is available with similar low loss charateristics. The X-Port is available with similar input/output configurations rated at 90A, 150A, & 200A and in some instances costs less than the equivalent X-Split.

Driftgate 2000 Ltd. announce that they have been appointed authorized distributors of the Prestolite Electric/Leece Neville range of alternators.

We have aded two new versions to the range. The first is a 14 volt 90A. Suitable as a high output replacement for Lucas/Magneti Marelli 55A/70A A127 style alternators. The second with a similar mounting style is a 24 volt 60A unit. Both alternators are insulated return and are fitted with an 80mm diameter pulley suitable for a 12mm drive belt as standard. Further information is on our "Alternator's web page"

Available shortly a new very high output 12 volt alternator. Rated at 240A with a J180 type mounting. We hope to have full information on our Alternators web page shortly.

As 48 volt systems become more and more popular we can now supply 48volt @ 90Amp alternators, see our web page alternators for further information. At the present time they are not available ex-stock but we are working on it and hopefully will be able offer a short delivery time in the near future.

If our standard products are not what you need contact our 'Specials Department', we may be able to reconfigure a standard unit to meet your system needs. The specials can be; a modified alternator to provide dual output voltages, a capability of switching off the output drive to momentarilly reduce the engine loading, a special version of the X-ALT with different output charging voltages such as our 48 volt version for use on 48 volt alternators where the original regulator has failed or a special version of the X-SPLIT with two independent charging inputs and one power output.
As more and more of our equipment is becoming software based we are able to manipulate the way the units function and as a result most of the X-CISE battery charge protection units sold have been modified for explicit systems. As a consequence we have been able to produce units with more than one alarm level some with delays some with instantaneous switching. Click on this link X-CISE for further information on some of the specials which have been manufactured.